About Unit C

Unit C is an art space dedicated to providing opportunities for local and international artists to collaborate and grow. With a multidisciplinary focus, Unit C will showcase a variety of mediums including painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, film, performance art, poetry readings, live music, and more through diverse arts programming and monthly events. Located in a charming industrial setting at the heart of East Austin, Unit C is focused on a mission of fostering intimate connections between artists and viewers while establishing a space for artists to explore the limits and possibilities of creating art.

Heaven Starr

Founder and Co-Owner
Heaven Baize-Garcia, Founder and Director, opened Unit C in February of 2017. Heaven is a conceptual artist from South Texas who experiments with many mediums including performance art, film and photography. She hopes to create a boundless space to inspire artists to push themselves to their full potential.

Nora Rosenberg

Nora is a fine art model and film photographer who uses self-portraiture as her primary creative outlet. Nora joined the Unit C team in October 2017 and has quickly developed a great love for the promotion of other’s art, with a focus on helping artists show their work in a gallery setting for the first time.